nolo bait

Safe Solutions - Nolo Bait for Grasshoppers

If grasshoppers tend to be a problem in your garden, try Nolo Bait, an EPA registered biological control. It contains naturally occurring Nosema locustae spores. These spores are applied to flaky wheat bran which attracts grasshoppers who then consume both the bait and the spores. Because young grasshoppers consuming the bait will die more quickly than older stages, the most effective time to treat with Nolo Bait is during the spring hatch. However as Nosema locustae builds up in the gut of heavily infected grasshoppers, they become lethargic and lose their appetite for your plants. So treatments later in the season can also reduce grasshopper damage. In addition, infected grasshoppers are often consumed by healthy grasshoppers, which further spreads Nosema locustae throughout the grasshopper population. Infected females can also pass the spores through the egg-laying process. Nolo Bait does not harm people, pets, birds, non-target insects, wildlife or the environment and is NOP compliant for use in organic gardens. Here at Native Nurseries, we carry it in a 1 lb. bag for $29.99. It is best applied during the morning as that is when grasshoppers do most of their feeding. To increase the effectiveness, split the bag into 3 or 4 applications several days apart (but never within 4 to 6 hours of rain).