Garden Shop

At Native Nurseries, we’ve been selling natural and organic products for decades. It’s a lot easier now (they’re easier to find) since ‘going organic’ has become an industry fad. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to see other retail nurseries getting on board.

Still, to us being organic and natural has as much to do with what you DO NOT sell as it has to do with what you do sell. At Native Nurseries, we do not have an organic ‘section’ in our Garden Room. With only one exception, every product you find on our shelves is natural and/or certified organic. The exception is Brush and Stump Killer. There are some invasive plants that cannot be destroyed using organic methods, and some invasives are a more serious problem than the poisons necessary to eradicate them.

So when pests or disease are attacking your landscape, bring us a sample; and we’ll help you choose the best product to solve your problem without harm to you, your family, your pets or the planet.