Garden to Table: Herbal Infused Honey

The possibilities of herbal infusions for both health and flavor really are endless from basic tea to your favorite herbal/flower vinegar. You can use your fresh picked from the garden herbs in tea, honey, vinegar, aromatic pastes, cooking salts, mix up fragrant cocktails, etc. I love these herbal concoctions because they are simple, straightforward and a great way to concentrate and preserve herbs.

Below is a recipe for a herbal infused honey that can be used in tea, baking, marinades, salad dressing, drizzled over ice cream, fresh fruit or as a sweetener for your favorite summer tea or lemonade. Learn more ways to infuse herbs along with recipes, proper techniques, materials and storing methods at Elizabeth's Herbal Infusion Workshop. See our workshop calendar for upcoming classes. 

Lavender INFUSed honey


Fresh or dried lavender leaves - if using fresh, make sure the herbs dry out from any excess water completely (see safety note below)
Honey (preferably raw honey from a local bee keeper)

Other herbs that lend well with honey include Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Basil, Sage, Peppermint, Texas Tarragon, Rosemary, and Thyme are just a few of the many options.


Clean, dry jars and lids
Chopstick, wooden spoon handle, or other stirrer (avoid metal, which can scratch jars)
Clean cloth for wiping jar rims


Fill a clean mason jar halfway with fresh herbs or a quarter full with dried herbs.

Top with honey, stir, and cap with a tight-fitting lid. Important that the herbs are completely submerged in honey. Wipe the jar rim with a clean cloth and cover tightly. Place in a sunny windowsill, and turn the jar over once per day. 

Tip: Label the jar with the contents and date so you don't forget!

Allow to infuse for a week or longer, then strain once the desired flavor has been achieved. The longer the honey sits the more fragrant and flavorful it becomes.

Strain the honey into a clean jar. Seal tightly and use within one year. 

See the Food Safety Site on the safety ratings of infusing honey at home.