One of the advantages of being an independent wild bird store is the freedom to choose the best feeders and accessories from the best manufacturers. 

We carry brands like Droll Yankee, Woodlink, Aspects, Brome & Erva to name a few, but because we are not required by franchise agreements to offer you company products, you can always expect our best advice (acquired in over thirty-five years in the wild bird business in Tallahassee) and feeders and accessories that are functional, easy to clean, built to last and worth every penny you pay for them. No matter what kind of feeder you’re looking for (tube, pole, hanging, platform, sunflower, thistle, suet, mealworm, peanut or hummingbird) or if you need advice on squirrel proofing your feeders or choosing the perfect feeder for a gift, we can help.


And you’ll find a great selection of bird baths at Native Nurseries… copper, aluminum, cement, cast stone (natural & stained), carved lava rock, hanging and pedestals-tall and short.

nest boxes

We have a great selection of bird houses (most of them made right here at Native Nurseries), including bird house kits for those DIYers who prefer to build their own bird house. Our bird houses are functional, of good quality and affordable. These wooden bird houses (constructed of cedar or cypress) are built to meet the birds’ requirements with regards to hole size and cavity size and depth.

We have bird houses for bluebirds, chickadees, titmice, nuthatch, wood ducks, woodpeckers, Great Crested Flycatchers, Screech Owls and American Kestrel.


Our bluebird house comes with a protector for the bird house hole to prevent squirrels from enlarging it and an entrance hole extender to make it difficult for predators to reach into the bird house.

Read about the day everything came to a halt at Native Nurseries while customers and employees wondered at the sight of fledgling wood ducklings dropping twenty-five feet from their nest into the bird garden.


We've selected hummingbird feeders that we know in our experience are promising, easy to use and easy to clean. Whether you want something small to get started, or something beautiful to enhance your yard or existing hummingbird feeder collection, you are sure to find the right feeder at Native Nurseries. Learn more about hummingbird gardening here.