Tips for Herb Gardening:


Most herbs and vegetables need full sun to perform at their peak. That means a minimum of six hours per day. However, those grown in full sun all day long here in the South need a lot of water, so some shade during the day will save on your water bill. Some herbs, such as mint, prefer partial shade, but too much shade will cause plants to become spindly.

Soil ph

Most herbs and vegetables prefer a pH of 6.5 to 7. Our soils are usually around 5.5, so they need to be treated with lime to raise the pH. In general, most Florida soils should be treated with five pounds of lime per 100 square feet when putting in an herb or vegetable garden. A soil test will give you more precise information about your soil’s pH.


Add lots of organic matter to your soil (leaf mold, compost, worm castings and/or composted manures) for good drainage. Although fertilization is necessary if you want a truly good harvest, avoid using too much fertilizer. We recommend using organic fertilizers on your herbs and vegetables (such as Garden-tone or fish emulsion). Organic fertilizers help to build healthy soil while they feed your plants.