Landscaping starts with a plan

Landscape design will save you money, work and time in the long run. Receiving expert advice will help you spend your money on the right plant for the right place right from the beginning, avoiding the cost of replacing dead plants. It will also save you labor, time and trouble caused by putting ten foot plants in four foot spaces.

Brian Bryson, artist, landscape and water feature designer has over 25 years of experience and a degree in fine arts from FSU. His artistic talent combined with his understanding of natural history and wildlife make for unique, inspired designs. 

Seth Dunaway, has over 10 years of experience at Native Nurseries and has been mentoring under Brian and co-owner/retired landscape designer Jody Walthall. He specializes in natural looking, low-maintenance landscapes that will attract lots of birds and butterflies to your yard.

Design & Consultation

From simple landscape bed layouts to complete plans, our professional landscape designers are equipped to help you resolve existing issues and guide you through the entire landscape design and installation process.

Installation & Maintenance

Our landscape crew is composed of full-time permanent employees with benefits. Because of this, we are able to attract superior, knowledgeable employees who tend to stay with us for a long time – and it pays off. We hear time after time from homeowners that they were thrilled with the professionalism of our crew and the beautiful job they did installing their new landscape.

Need occasional maintenance? We can give you an estimate of the cost of work you want done, or you can do what many of our customers do. They just call and say ‘send me a couple men for a couple hours’. They know we charge per man hour, so they control the cost of the job. The customer puts the crew to work when they get to the house and is always happy with the amount of work they get done. And if you need pruning, our landscape foreman, Timothy Roop, is your man. He’s an ISA Certified Arborist. Give our crew a try – you’ll be glad you did!

They can help you complete a number of landscape tasks including:

  • Define/prepare landscape beds

  • Add soil amendments

  • Properly install plants, trees, and shrubs

  • Mulch landscape beds

  • Weeding

  • Pruning

  • Removing unwanted plants

Notes from satisfied landscape customers:

You can’t imagine how I enjoy coming home from work each day since you designed and installed my new gardens. The plants are beautiful – I love the contrasting shapes and colors; even the leaf textures are interesting. Of course, I most enjoy the many bees, birds and butterflies who visit daily. I just wish I could be at home all day to see them.

Thank you again for your talent and hard work.
— Mary Ann Hoffman
I want to thank you and all the guys who landscaped my yard. I am becoming more and more satisfied with the changes and I can’t wait until next spring when everything begins to bloom. This is the first time I have ever had professional landscaping done at my home and I am thoroughly happy with the experience. You and your staff were professional and I appreciate the fact that you considered my suggestions. I would recommend your service to anyone who asks and I will definitely patronize Native Nurseries in the future.
— Pamela Hunter
Thank you for all your help with this project. We enjoyed both the process and the end result. You and your staff are easy to work with, professional and flexible. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleagues. We look forward to watching everything grow and develop and to adding the rest of the plants in the spring!
— Beth Kidder
As usual, your crew did a beautiful job. They are so efficient and friendly. Coming home to my beautiful yard was a joy. I’d like to schedule this yearly or bi-yearly. Thanks again!
— Carol & John Ness