Gift Certificates Mailed FOR You

If you would like to have a gift certificate mailed to someone else (or held for pick up), you must complete both steps below. The order in which you complete these steps is not important. If the ‘ship to’ address in the email is different from the one left on the PayPal site, we will use the address in the email. If you do not send the email, the gift certificate will be mailed to the address entered on the PayPal site without the ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ fields filed in.

1. Email us at NATIVENURSERIES@GMAIL.COM with the following information:

  • The name or names you want us to write in the ‘To:’ field
  • The name or names you want us to write in the ‘From:’ field
  • Additional message, if any (such as ‘Happy Birthday’)
  • The name and address of the person or persons you want the certificate mailed to (or let us know who will be picking it up).

2. Choose an amount, then click on ‘Buy Now’ to purchase a gift certificate for merchandise or services at Native Nurseries. There is no expiration date. The certificate must be physically presented here at the nursery for redemption.