Butterfly Gardening at Native Nurseries

A butterfly garden contains two types of plants – nectar food plants to entice and nourish butterflies and larval food plants to feed caterpillars. At Native Nurseries, we have a wide range of both types and the experience to help you choose the right ones for your yard. Attending one of our butterfly workshops (most of them free) is a great way to get started, and we often have free caterpillars to send home with you (usually with the purchase of a larval food plant). We also stock a good supply of butterfly gardening and identification books to enhance your enjoyment of your new hobby. Because we spent over thirty years designing and redesigning our caterpillar rearing cage, in our opinion it is the best in the industry. So come on in and let us help you get started on a new hobby that will fascinate you and your family and add lots of color and life to your yard and garden.